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8 reliable tips to attract customers with real estate agent advertising and networking

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the real estate industry or an established player. For a successful career, you need a customer acquisition strategy. Sellers expect an agent to market their property optimally and to sell it quickly at an attractive price. Find out how you can successfully distinguish yourself in the competitive market and win customers with real estate agent advertising and networking.

1. Generate leads via former customers

Simple but important, we recommend staying in touch with former customers. After all, this may generate new leads. According to statistics from the U.S. Association of Realtors, 64 percent of real estate sellers relied on personal recommendations from family and friends when choosing their agent.

2. targeted real estate agent advertising on Facebook

Facebook is an ideal platform for attracting potential customers. Use the Facebook advertising tools for acquisition that targets your desired audience. Facebook developers’ algorithms give advertisers extensive insight into the behavior of potential customers. Information on age and location, as well as behavioral patterns that indicate upcoming home sales, enable tailored ads.

3. become an online member of neighborhood associations

It is not only through advertisements that you can attract customers on Facebook and Co. Social media also offer the opportunity to join neighborhood associations. As a member of these groups, you become an active part of the community, whether by supporting historic preservation projects or giving your input on planned housing construction.

4. cooperate with local companies

Networking is considered a proven method of customer acquisition and contact making. Take the first step by reaching out to merchants and businesses in your location. Contact banks, lawyers, lenders, interior designers and other relevant business people. Offer special terms and ask for referrals.

5. use targeted online directories

Many companies rely on large providers such as the yellow pages, because they have a large customer base. However, the disadvantage of these sites is that the large customer base is often spread across an entire country and countless categories, leaving few customers for your specific offer. Targeted real estate agent advertising through directory listings on sites such as Malibu House, which deals specifically with real estate, real estate agents and services for real estate provides new customers that are precisely tailored to your target group.

6. create a website for real estate valuation

Most real estate sellers want to know the approximate value of their property before going to an agent. If you provide this information, you automatically become the first point of contact for potential sellers. Create a real estate website or landing page that helps users evaluate their properties. Use digital marketing strategies and search engine optimization to ensure that your website appears at the top of the search engine rankings.

7. convince private sellers with concrete concepts

In the real estate industry, telephone advertising and home visits are among the classic forms of customer acquisition. However, you have a better chance of success if you focus on private sellers. After all, you can safely assume that this target group is willing to sell. Offer them a concrete marketing concept in order to convince them to work with a broker.

8. rely on high-quality print advertising as real estate agent

Last but not least, postings and mailing lists are still considered to be effective advertising media. However, since they achieve the desired effect only at the suitable location, it is necessary to investigate carefully in advance. An alternative is to publish first-class content in regional offline or online magazines. In this way, you present yourself to exclusive clientele as a competent contact person and enhance the reputation of your company.

Primarily seller expect from their brokers that they find as fast as possible the suitable buyer for their object. With the right acquisition strategy, you can convince potential customers that you have the necessary know-how and contact network to ensure a quick transaction. With a successful mix of real estate agent advertising and good networking, nothing stands in the way of successful customer acquisition.