Reasons to buy or sell your house in Malibu

Living in your own house in Malibu; if Malibu is your next destination for residential settlements, then you have come across the right platform. We delved into research to bring important information about real estate in Malibu, its essential features, and how it is to spend years of life in this city.

Introduction of Malibu

Malibu is a small city located in the west, 30 miles from Los Angeles, California; it lies at the Pacific Coast Highway, stretching for 30 miles. It has a particular importance, being loved by most Hollywood celebrities and television stars. Malibu enjoys a mythological status among all the American beaches and got the lead among all beach towns.

Originally it was a private land occupied by one family, “Ridges”. They permitted and welcomed Hollywood stars of the 1930s and 1940s to come and purchase homes in Malibu. Being surrounded by eye-catching and magical beaches, glorified by water waves, and brighten by the sun, Malibu got fame all around. It started to grab the attention of investors and buyers. It fascinated people because of the private seaside oasis and personal space. With time, the privatization increased, and people started to buy and purchase Oceanside properties.

Reasons to live in Malibu

When the city name sounds, a feeling of magic provokes in the visitors. Imagine sitting under the bright sun with no worries, perfect waves around, and less disturbance. It sounds great! Malibu has lovely and beautiful beaches, which makes it close to the heart of visitors and residents. Malibu’s coastal region is surrounded by well-known beaches, including Big Rock beach, Topanga beach, Las Flores Beach, La Costa Beach, Dan Blocker Beach, Malibu Beach, and Zuma Beach. Other than the beaches, it features an ancient Greek and Roman art museum known as The Getty Villa. The Malibu pier grabs Malibu Farm, which offers organic cafes and restaurants with good food.

Buying a House in Malibu

It is not much populated, but it holds a considerable number of people. Malibu still welcomes the celebrities who want to snag up lavishing property with hefty prices. The cost of living in Malibu is higher than the average national cost. According to researches, it is three-time more than other localities. This market pricing thrived during the coronavirus pandemic. The median property value is up to 1.8 million dollars, whereas more than 68% of the properties are above 1 million dollars. So, where buying a home in Malibu offers a luxury life, it drags a notable amount from the pocket. Those who have planned to move to Malibu must have financial stability.

Selling your House in Malibu

Selling homes in Malibu is comparatively easy because of less competition. The Malibu real estate market is facing low inventory, which means less selling competition. The decline in inventory has lower the interest rates, giving the visitors and residents a chance to stay in the best place they can find. However, your home needs to be attractive to catch the fish out of the river.

Either you want to buy a property or sell your home in Malibu, contact a reliable real estate agent to enjoy the best deal.